Open Width Finishing

Tenter Frame
Carolina Cotton Works purchased a new state of the art tenter frame from Texima in 2005. The machine is comprised of six zones with a long list of important features to control our quality. We incorporated a weft straightener with fabric temperature monitoring as well as online fabric weight monitoring. Monitoring not just the temperature inside the frame, but the actual temperature of the fabric allows us to more consistently control the quality of our fabrics while maximizing the speed of the frame. The online weight monitoring allows us to observe and adjust punch weight without cutting out any fabric, lowering our customers’ process loss, and assuring our customers of more consistent fabric weight.

Open Width Compactor
Carolina Cotton Works selected the Open Width Compactor from Strahm Swiss Textile Systems. This is an excellent machine that uses felt belt technology to maximize weight and minimize end user shrinkage on cotton and cotton-rich fabrics. Similar to the technology on our Santex shrinking calendars, the felt belt system allows for fabric compaction while minimizing the potential for defects from traditional methods of compacting.