CCW provides products and services in three basic formats depending on the specific needs of our customers. Each format provides for different levels of customer involvement, investment, and technical interest.

Commission Dyeing and Finishing
In this scenario, our customers ship their greige cloth for us to dye and finish to their specification. Our customers assume responsibility for yarn procurement, knitting specifications and quality, transportation from knitting to CCW. We assume responsibility for dyeing and finishing to our customers’ specifications.

Fabric Package Sales  
This format provides our customers with the most “hands off” approach to fabric procurement that can be found anywhere. In this scenario, our customers send orders specifying fabric construction, colors, sizes, pounds and a requested ship date with shipping instructions. CCW handles everything from purchasing yarn to loading fabric onto our customers’ choice of container for shipping. We establish the choice of yarns, knitting specifications, and handle all logistics to manufacture and ship the desired fabric on time.

Knit/Finish Conversion
We refer to this service as a hybrid of the two options shown above. The Knit/Finish Conversion requires our customers to purchase the yarns required to manufacture the fabric. CCW selects the knitter and specifications and coordinates the knitting production to ensure quality and on time delivery. With our customers’ investment in the raw materials, CCW is able to simply pass through the cost of knitting in with our market dyeing and finishing charges. This requires minimal customer involvement in the manufacturing cycle, and minimizes the overall cost of fabric from CCW

Fabrics Processed
Click here to see a break down of the apparrel and non-apparel fabrics that we process.