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Offering the Best in Products & Services

CCW provides products and services in three basic formats depending on the specific needs of the customer (dyeing & finishing, knit/finish conversion, and packaging). Each format requires different levels of customer involvement, investment, and technical interest. Overall, we specialize in dyeing, tubular finishing, open width finishing, and fabric package sales.

Medical PPE Fabrics

Carolina Cotton Works is proud to serve the medical industry by providing the best material possible to help all medical staff to do their job safely. Using Woven and knitted fabrics is something we take pride in. Woven and knit fabrics can be made from different yarns, including polyester, cotton, rayon, spandex, etc. This ensures that hospitals are stocked with the correct fabric needed to make medical materials and apparel.

Piece Dyeing

For the dyeing process, customers assume the responsibility for yarn procurement, kitting specifications and quality, and transportation from kitting to CCW. We then utilize dye machines like Fong’s Horizontal, Scholl, and LabPro to dye almost any fabric type. Our latest acquisition in technology, the LabPro Dye Machine, is environmentally conscious by limiting water and energy consumption.

Tubular Finishing

Tubular finishing is important for achieving the optimal width, weight, and shrinkage for any circular knit fabric. With world class Santex drying and state of the art Tubetex compactors, CCW is well prepared to offer the finest in tubular finishing.

Open Width Finishing

CCW has two tenter frames, and pup-tenter frame and two open width compactors for open width finishing.  This lineup provides the company with a diverse and significant capacity for the broad array of fabrics dyeing and finished weekly.  CCW also offers both single action and double action napping for the best in conventional fleece and synthetic fleece.

Fabric Package Sales

We pride ourselves on the most “hands off” approach to fabric procurement. Customers send orders specifying fabric construction, colors, sizes, pounds, and a requested ship date with shipping instructions. From there, CCW handles everything from purchasing yarn to loading fabric onto our customers’ choice of container for shipping. We establish the choice of yarn, kitting specifications, and handle all logistics to manufacture and ship the desired fabric on time.

Additional Capabilities

CCW is also known for their diversity, flexibility, and sustainability. Through processed fibers like cotton, filament and spun polyester, modacrylic, nylon etc., and fabric constructions like knits and wovens for apparel, industrial, automotive, and home furnishings, CCW proves its diverse capabilities in fabric production.

CCW also fulfills large orders and is capable of:

  • Low minimums, 800lbs per color
  • A variety of widths, 8 inches to 100 inches
  • Large roll handling, 300lbs maximum for finished rolls

In addition to diversity and flexibility, CCW has grown to be sustainable over the years as well. Our state-of-the-art machines allow for:

  • Clean burning natural gas used for drying and steam generation
  • Wastewater heat recovery used to raise incoming freshwater temperature
  • Automated chemical dispensing system used plant wide